Looking to build structure and consistency in your diet?

To follow a plan that brings long lasting results, not quick short term fixes?

To educate yourself on the basics of nutrition, whilst reaching your goals?

Adherence is by FAR the biggest determining factor in how effective a diet strategy is, far more important than your strategy of low carb, low fat, high protein, fasting etc.

Lets work together to improve your knowledge, your overall health, your body composition ,your mindset, your habits and look to build a healthier relationship with food that will produce long lasting changes!

ATHLETE FIGHT CAMP: Initial Consultation – £20

8 WEEKS – £160 *£20 per week*

16 WEEKS – £240 *£15 per week*

  • Weight category consultation
  • Food diary assessment/ feedback
  • Weekly meal planner (breakfast / lunch / dinner)
  • Access to my full recipe book
  • Weekly performance review and goal setting/analysis
  • 45 Page Educational PDF guide
  • Additional support with acute weight making strategies (fight week/ weigh-in day)
  • Daily support during fight week
  • Daily support for Q&As via WhatsApp
  • Meal plan for competition day/ tournament


1 MONTH PAYMENT: £100 (£25 per week)

2 MONTH BLOCK PAYMENT: £160 (£20 per week)

3 MONTH BLOCK PAYMENT: £210 (£17.50 per week)

4 MONTH BLOCK PAYMENT: £240 (£15.00 per week)


  • 45 Page Educational PDF Guide (the fundamentals – nutrition, weight management & goal setting)
  • Tailored calorie & macronutrient goals suited to your goals
  • Access to my full recipe book ( + new recipes as they come)
  • Weekly meal planner (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 1x Weekly check-in (food diary review/goal setting/weight-check)
  • Support with social events/ meal planning / post workout recovery plans
  • 1:1 Support via WhatsApp throughout the week

Enquires & Initial Consultation: CONTACT

Investing In Your Health & Nutrition…


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